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Breathe Clean Air—Everywhere.

Enjoy the freedom of living without fear of inhaling airborne particulate matter [1].

Designed to meet the highest quality personal protection equipment standards, this reusable general use respirator filters a wide range of airborne debris. It can be worn indoors or outdoors and is suitable for personal and professional use in public and private settings.

Airlock General Use: Two Sizes and Two Colors


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Wear It Anywhere

At work, home, and during daily activities, the Airlock General Use Respirator has you covered.

Engineered for optimal usability, the revolutionary Airlock Respirator provides superior protection from a wide range of airborne debris and particulate matter [1]. With unparalleled airflow that makes breathing feel easy, it’s ideal for use in recreational, household, workplace, construction, agricultural, industrial, and commercial use settings. Whether worn alone or underneath a helmet, skateboarders, scooter riders, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders are provided a protective barrier from insects and other airborne debris. In addition to gold-standard air-filtration [1], the soft silicon face seal is so comfortable you can wear the Airlock all day long. 

Airlock: Gold Standard Respirator

• Tested to capture greater than 99% of airborne particulates down to 100 nanometers in size [1]

• Nose and mouth protection from airborne debris

• Medical-grade silicone seal comfortably conforms to face

• Position on face assures maximum visibility and allows use of glasses or goggles without fogging

• Minimal voice volume reduction

• Non-allergenic latex-free silicone

• Contains no toxic compounds

• Proven to have no cytotoxicity

• Easily cleaned with soap and water

• Metal-free: will not activate metal detectors and can be worn during MRI

• Will last for years, drastically reducing disposable mask waste

• Decades-long shelf life: perfect for stockpiles and inventory control

• Easy to take on and off and so comfortable it can be worn all day long

Airlock Puretech is developing a medical device respirator for healthcare professionals.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

This reusable eco-friendly respirator reduces disposable mask waste, excess landfill accumulation, and cost of use—one Airlock respirator can replace over 720 disposable masks. Airlock's carbon footprint is 12x better than N95s!

1 Airlock with a 3-year lifetime = $1,288. vs.
720 disposable N95s (@$3.99 ea.)* = $2,872.80

*Cost based on Amazon, 'best available price' search, November 12, 2023.

"Our revolutionary one-of-a-kind Airlock filtration media captures greater than 99% of airborne particulates down to 100 nanometers in size."

Chris Cooper, CEO, Airlock Puretech

Respirator Parts:


Durable and recyclable outer casing protects Airlock Filtration Element.


Airlock Filtration Element perpetually filters particulate matter down to 100 nanometers in size [1].


Medical-grade soft silicone rubber bonded to rigid frame provides a comfortable airtight seal, even with prolonged use.


Adjustable dual strap system is easy to use for fast on and off usability.

Together, we’re giving the gift of revitalization.

Join our humanitarian efforts:

Airlock will match donated and purchased respirators.

The Airlock mission is to give the gift of safe, pure air and water to humanity. Protecting and preserving the health and well-being of residents, volunteers, and essential workers in polluted debris-filled disaster recovery areas is a great way to do this. We welcome your participation: we’ll give one respirator for each one donated or purchased to aid our current efforts.

  • [1] See: "Latex Particle Challenge Final Report", Nelson Labs, December 27, 2022

Breathe Clean Air—Everywhere.